What we do

Passion changes everything

We are a specialized bureau that work with marketing and communication within the property and real estate industry. At the core of what we do is Place Branding and Property Branding.

We believe that every place and property have potential and our starting point is always by finding and defining these. Our strategy will grow from the soul of the place or property. By visiting the place and talking to the people that already work, live or shop here we will start mapping out the approach. We believe in beeing gentle and genuine, we cannot create something that is fake. However, we can, with the help of communication and marketing add new values and possibilities in a place or property over time. How do we do this? By working dedicated, staying humble and never losing sight of the core values for the place we’ve identified in our strategy.

Maybe you already have a strategy and need help with ongoing production and content. Whether it is producing a webpage, content for your social media or creating an event we also have the experience, resources and expertise to help.

Get in touch and we will tell you more.